30 Wears – How often do you wear your clothes?

The 30 Wears Movement

My lovely fellow tall fashion blogger, Lauren from Six Foot Style, recently inspired me to also participate in the 30 Wears movement. It is a movement to challenge the fashion industry’s dictate on us to splurge and impulse buy. It is called “fast fashion” – stuff we don’t really need. We just buy for the sake of buying without really thinking ahead if we truly love this item. The 30 wears movement should inspire us to think before we buy: Will we wear this item for more than 30 times?

I have to admit, I used to be guilty of fast fashion too. Especially being very tall while I was growing up, the options were low but the need to buy (for whatever reason) was high, so I ended up buying items that were way too short. I didn’t even try them on in the store and realized at home that I will probably never wear this piece. Ever.

Facing reality

After I read Lauren’s blog post article, I went to my closet and took out all my dresses and made three piles:

  1. Wore it more than 30 times
  2. Wore it considerably less than 30 times
  3. Still has the price tag on!

Oh my Gosh, I was quite shocked how many pieces were on that third pile! And they all were pieces that didn’t fit me. Pieces that I just bought because I liked them for a couple of moments in the store and purchased without even trying them on. They are all waaaaay too short for me!

The Resolution

This made me realize, I will buy from now on only fashion that I truly love and that fits. Fashion that is long enough and that was produced for tall women, so I don’t feel uncomfortable or squeezed into something that was not designed to cover long legs and arms.

Looking through pile number 1 there was one dress, I wore over and again over the past five years:

I bought this dress in Paris many years ago, but it has lasted so many washes. It is kind of my “cheat” dress: Whenever I don’t know what to wear for a more formal occasion, this dress always goes! I wore it at corporate events, family’s birthdays and anniversaries, and even for going out to a nice dinner with friends. You can dress it up with a sparkling necklace and high heels or down with flats and more casual fashion jewelry. It is literally my little black dress.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the exact place I purchased this dress from, but there are many similar options you can buy your little black dress in tall sizes from:

My unoffical winner of 30 wears

I wanted to present you also another dress from my pile number one. Not because it is really wearable in most countries of the world, but because this dress has been worn since two generations and means a lot to me.

I am from Austria and our traditional clothing is called “Tracht”. Men wear “Lederhosen” and women wear a “Dirndl”.  Of course we don’t wear Tracht in our ever day lives, but we do wear them on some occasions. This can be traditional weddings or birthdays, festivities in the country, or the annual season of “Kirtag’s” (think Oktoberfest but smaller and less commercial), which starts in mid of August. My cousin is getting married in two weeks in Tracht and after that Kirtag season will already be starting. So, yes, my Dirndl will be worn out a couple more times soon!

This dress means a lot to me, because my mother bought it in her early twenties in Salzburg and passed it over to me.  For her, it was a long Dirndl that reaches her ankle, but because I am so much taller than her, I use it as a short option. This dress is over 35 years old and lasted hundreds of washes and wears, so it definitely wins my 30 wears challenge. It is handmade and of superior quality. Should I have a daughter one day, I hope I can pass it over to her too!

This was a really interesting and eye-opening experience and I want to thank Lauren for inspiring me to participate in 30 wears!

What’s your favorite item you wore more than 30 times? Which item can you not live without? And have you splurged a little too much like me, having dresses with the price tag still on? I am curious about your opinion!

Have a great week ahead!